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DACA Message Board Terms of Use

By submitting posts to the DACA Message Board, you agree to adhere to the outlined terms and conditions. Unless otherwise stated, all content reflects the personal views and experiences of the submitter; the DACA will not be held liable for content posted by any individual or group, or events that occur due to communications made on the message boards.

Registration is required in order to post messages on the DACA MB. Registration is free for publicly accessible boards. The Members Only Message Board and information contained therein is available to club members in good standing only.

All DACA MB accounts must include a complete basic profile including full name, location, and current e-mail address. Any account lacking these basic identifiers will be disabled until the account is verified and profile complete. Fraudulent profile information is grounds for immediate banning. We reserve the right to refuse registration of any screenname we find objectionable.

Each account holder is allowed a single username. Multiple account-holders registering under a single IP or from a single household must be reported to the BOD for approval. Multiple accounts registered under different names from the same IP will be assumed to be fraudulent activity, and grounds for immediate banning. If you wish to change your username, are unable to access your username, or have forgotten your password, please contact an administrator (bamyc5@aol.com) or the BOD for assistance. Do not register a new username, we will be happy to assist you in connecting with your original account.

Positively NO unsolicited advertising of any type is allowed. Club members in good standing may non-commercially advertise hunting-, dog-, or dogo-related equipment, supplies, or services for sale or trade with prior clearance from the BOD, on the Members Only Message Board exclusively.

There will be positively no advertisement of live animals or breeding services, including puppies, upcoming litters, or stud services, on the message board. Posts construed by moderators as advertisements, including links to kennel websites with the purpose of advertising animals for sale will be removed. Repeated violation is grounds for suspension or banning.

You will not post any material that you know or should know is false, and/or: defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or in violation of U.S. laws.

You are free to express yourself forcefully, but your guiding principle here should be: "don't be a jerk". Attack the idea, not the person. Disagreements can be healthy and productive, but be sure you are disagreeing with the idea being discussed, and not attacking the person discussing it. We meet here for our mutual benefit, the open exchange of ideas and information. Healthy debate is encouraged, but must be conducted in a non-provocative manner for the benefit of all. Hate-speech, insults, and purposefully inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to revoke posting privileges for uncivil behavior. Above all, please remember: hunting is a heritage tradition in many families, and this is a family-oriented site. Please help us keep it that way.

It is against the Terms of Use to post any copyrighted material or other protected intellectual property to the DACA MB, execept with the copyright holder's written permission, or as permitted by "fair use" provisions of US copyright law. Brief excerpts and links to online sources for copyrighted work should be used.

All postings and other material on the DACA website and message boards are copyrighted by the DACA. Republication of material appearing on the DACA MB without express written permission is prohibited, except that users retain the right to republish their own work. Members shall not disseminate any proprietary club information without the express approval of the Board of Directors. Proprietary club information includes, but is not limited to: the DACA newsletter, club meeting minutes, and message board content.

Access to the Members Only board is a privilege of DACA membership, available to club members in good standing only. As such, all content, including photographs, posted to the Members Only message board shall be kept confidential and not disclosed to non-members except as otherwise authorized by the BOD. Violation is grounds for immediate disciplinary action.

Please remember that you are our guest here. The DACA reserves the right to ban posters for any reason. Persons who are banned and attempt to re-register will be banned without notice. Repeat offenders will be reported to their ISP, which may result in the loss of ability to connect to the internet. Vandalism, tampering, or any other abuse of the site is grounds for immediate banning. We reserve the right to report violators to their Internet service provider and law enforcement agencies.

"Three Strikes" policy: if you commit a "soft" violation of the Terms of Use, a message board moderator or admin may, at their discretion, offer two separate warnings with a notice to comply. This notification will be sent via private e-mail to the registered address. A third violation is grounds for disciplinary action, including account suspension or ban. The DACA BOD and MB administrators reserve the right to issue disciplinary action on first offense, if such action is warranted by the nature of the violation. Keep your contact information current. The DACA will not be held accountable for warnings not received due to out-of-date or unreliable contact information.

Reinstatement of posting privileges: The DACA reserves the right to revoke previously issued disciplinary actions or reinstate previously banned accounts on an individual basis. Reinstated individuals will be issued a probationary period not to exceed 12 months. Further disruptions during the probationary period will be cause for immediate banning, with no further chance of reinstatement.

After the probationary period has passed without incident, the account-holder will be informed via e-mail of reinstatement of posting privileges. Members will be reinstated with all strikes cleared and with normal posting privileges and responsibilities.

The DACA also reserves the right to permanently deny reinstatement to individuals based on the circumstances of their actions.


This is a private message board administered by the Dogo Argentino Club of America. By registering and submitting content to the DACA Message Board, you agree to adhere to the listed terms and conditions. The views, opinions, and information posted on the message board do not necessarily reflect those of the DACA, its agents, or general members. Users should recognize that medical, legal or other professional advice posted on the message board is no substitute for in-person consultation with a competent professional. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Dogo Argentino Club of America, and its agents (including, but not limited to: members of the Board of Directors [collectively or individually], committee members, independent contractors, and any other individual person, group, or entity which acts in an official capacity on behalf of the DACA), with respect to any claim based upon transmission of content.

The DACA reserves the right to delete content at its sole discretion. The DACA is not responsible for the loss of information or photographs posted on the message board in the event of a technical error, board malfunction, or other situations which might cause this information to become irretrievable. We highly recommend that you save backup copies of any important information.

We reserve the right to change or update these terms as necessary.

Please enjoy your stay, treat each other with respect, and help us keep this a friendly, educational place.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have regarding these terms and conditions.

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