A Hunter, A Showman, as well as A Loyal & Trustworthy Family Companion...

Dogo Memorial

This page is devoted to the Great Dogos that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge into the Happy Hunting Grounds beyond. Each one left its special mark on the lives of their human family. Each Dogo's memory lives on, as they wait for us to one day join them again. If you would like your special Dogo to be remembered here, please send us your photos and memories.

Our Beloved Dogos who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge:
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Rankin's Chief of South Texas

Chief was a quiet, loving soul at home. Careful to maneuver his massive body carefully so as not to topple a toddler, but he was 'No holds barred' on a hog. He caught hogs numbering well into the 1000's during his hunting career. He retired from hunting after a hog nearly killed him, and passed away of old age, in the loving arms of his family, Jan. 2004.
He is GREATLY missed.
-The Christman's and The Rankins

Rankin's Rolex of South Texas

Rolex came from a long line of fine Dogos, Bred with their purpose of hunting, in mind. He had the exceptional Dogo Dual-temperment, that makes this breed so wonderful, Loving and devoted to his people, and ferocious on wild boar. He passed away of old age in 2003.He is missed by all who knew him.
-The Rankins


He was a rescue, who came to us to foster while he recovered from his back leg being "De-gloved." He became a part of our family, and our hunting pack, he been loved by all who saw him, and represented all that is great about the breed. He died while doing what he loved in 2003... hunting. He is missed.
-The Christman's

Dante de los Cazadores

Dante was from our first litter of pups. He was incredibly loving with his family. He made a fine hunter, and died while out hunting Dec. 2004
He too crossed the Rainbow Bridge, doing what he loved...hunting. He is missed by all those who hunted alongside him.
-The Christman's and The Spears'


Owned and loved by Ken Galea.
Passed away Dec 4th 2002. He was more like a son than a dog to Ken. There isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn't fondly remember him.


Arena/Athena had a rough start in life.
We rescued her after she was dumped in a park, showing signs of just having whelped a litter of pups, she was in VERY bad shape had so many ticks she was anemic. We sent her down to my friend Larry's and he brought her back up to health, she rapidly showed she was not only in looks but in heart a true dogo. She lived to hunt and was brave, loving with children, and she a great heart. Her loss has been felt by our pack, she was lost doing what she was created to do hunting...
Miss ya bad already little girl. passed on 2/7/2005


7 year old Zues came to rescue from the Michigan Humane Society. Owner surrendered. Reason? With a baby on the way, there just wasn't going to be room for both dog and baby. (Zeus came in weighing 170 lbs.) Zues attained his 'CGC, TT' while in rescue, and was adopted by David Kaplan and family, and was cherished as their pet.
Zues crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 2004, and joined the other great canines. He is deeply missed by all who knew him.


John lived 13 wonderful years with Steve and Terri Parker.
Thank you for 13 wonderful years, we miss you.

Juneko aka 'Mr Bongo Butt'

Fostered and loved by Liz Gaulke, he passed away Feb 28th, 2005. Juneko came from the NY city shelter where he'd be surrendered by his owner. Liz took him in, in the hopes that she could find this 8+ year old fellow a forever home. Very unexpectedly, he was taken from this world by Bloat, which can occur in any deep- chested canine. Liz says her house is very quiet now with out this big fat guy, and Nelly misses frolicking with him as well. He is greatly missed.

"The Outlaw, Josie Wales"

Josie was a rescue Dogo which was owned and loved for several years by Randy and Cathy Kindred. Josie passed away April 12, 2005 after losing her battle with Bone Cancer. She is greatly missed. Rest in Peace Miss Josie.


Luke was the beloved pet of Jessica Bynon. Luke crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 4-27-05, after a debilitating spinal injury. He joins many other great Dogos in the "Happy Hunting Grounds, beyond the Rainbow Bridge," but the members of his human family he left behind, miss him dearly. Rest in Peace Luke.
12-17-98 to 4-27-05


Mega was a 7 year old love bug, who passed away April 11, 2005. She enjoyed life by laying around and doing nothing but giving and getting kisses Given any opportunity to hunt squirrels, cats, turtles or any other game that came into her yard, she would spring into action. She leaves behind her hubby Radar, sister Keeta (Sheppard), sister Johanna (min. pin.) and her human family. We all miss her.


When Shabba came into my life back in Oct 2003, he completely change my whole life. I dedicated all my time to taking care of him. He was my baby boy. Everyone that knew Shabba was touched by him. He was not a graceful dog at all. He wasn't aware of his 100lbs body. He thought he was a lap dog. I couldn't walk down the street without someone commenting on how beautiful he was. His eyes were almost human like. Absolutely beautiful! Everything about Shabba was perfect. You only had to tell him once and he knew. I hardly spent any time training him as a pup, he was just that smart. At 9 weeks he was totally house trained. I honestly couldn't ask for more. I loved him so much and was obsessed! He was everything I ever wanted in a dog and I truly feel I was blessed to have him in my life. He will be deeply missed by everyone. One day we will meet again.

Perro Pelea Cordobes Artera Zoe

It was a dream having you around us for so long time. You have given us so much joy in life that words will never be able to tell. Be nice in dog heaven - we are sure you rule already !!
You are truly missed.
-Birgitte and Peter


Tess left too soon at just 4 years old from nasal fibrosarcoma, April 7, 2005. She was adopted from DACA June of 2001 - and seemed to have a few goals in her life.
She was here to enjoy life to the fullest, she was here to make her human laugh and open her heart - again. She was a gift and every day with her was an adventure.
She will be missed every day until I find her again.
-Joann Henderson


In loving memory of Paulo 2002-2005
"The last thing for a great dog to do is to break his owner's heart"
You were tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.
You were always there for me, you were my best friend.
You never let me down, you did anything I asked from you.
I will never forget your loyalty.

RIP, my baby boy.
Until we meet again....

-Maureen Osborn

Diego Del Oro Cortez

Jan 7th, 1993 - Sept 5th, 2005
My beautiful boy, you entered our lives with a flurry or excitement and wonder and filled it with countless days of joy, love and laughter. You were our comic, our guardian, our gentle warrior and our friend, who never once faltered in your devotion. Our lives are empty without you, but the legacy and memories you have left behind enriched our existence here because of you.


On December 21, 2004 my beautiful boy arrived and filed my heart with Joy, I will always miss our car rides, boat rides, and everyday we spent together, though losing you fills my heart with sadness, I feel joy to have spent the time together that we did, until we meet again, Cuervo you were one of a kind, and will always be missed.

Pete aka "Stinky Pete"
December 2001 to September 30, 2005

Right before Christmas, 2002, Karolyn Harris allowed me to adopt “Stinky Pete”, known around here as Pete Pete. Pete was a Dogo with attitude and very particular which humans he bonded with. Pete and I had a special bond as he was my first Dogo and it didn’t matter to me that he had his attitude because with his family you could not ask for a better friend. Around us he was loving and just a big “125 pound” baby.
He loved his playmate Jada, playing ball in the backyard, going for car rides, visiting the park, and his stuffed baby. Unlike most Dogos, Pete did not tear up his baby.
He unexpectedly passed away on September 30, 2005 with what I believe was mesenteric root torsion although the vet was unable to explain what really happened.
I miss him so much and my life is empty without him. RIP Pete Pete.

Jayne McCullough


-=- The Tear -=-
Slowly, I crawl down your cheek.
I understand your sorrow.
For the one that you love,
Will not return tomorrow.
You reach up and try to stop me,
But I will still decend.
For once this drop of sorrow's gone,
I'll come back again.
And now I wipe another tear,
With the sleeve of my sweater,
Knowing that you've found,
Some place that's better.
Why do these tears not stop flow?
I know that I have tried.
And I'll grow old and all alone,
And tears will still fall down,
And never will I let your memory go,
For you were the best Dogo around.
-Debbie Miller


Dear Allen:
You were born a hunter. Your grandfather and father were hunters. Naturally, you had to be one too...but nobody could predict you would be the best of them all. The best tracker and scenter, thehardest worker, thebest catcher....and the best teacher. I have lost track of all the dogos that learnt the art of hunting from watching and imitating you. Your body was a war-map; scars crossing all over it; hundreds of boars paid tribute to your ability and your heart.

You had to go that way; there was no other, was it? You were barely over 4 years when that damned boar killed you. You made Luis mourn you, and you know the man, don't you?He never mourns, never regrets...yet, you were special in his heart. And in all our hearts too. We will always miss you; and you will never be replaced.

Rest in peace, dear Allen.

Trinity and babies

Although you did not belong to any one person, you were loved by all of us who tried in vain to save you. Rest peacefully our sweet girl. There will always be a piece of you in our hearts.
Renee, Tonya, Shawna, Callie and Misty

Shiva Bear
1994-July 21, 2006

As a puppy she thought her name was "Beautiful". She would hear it half a block away and her tail would wag her whole body as she tried to get to whoever said it and give them kisses. When she got bigger she could clear a Philadelphia sidewalk. If only they knew how affectionate she was! She loved playing in the snow and chasing anything that moved whether it was a leaf in the wind or a herd of deer at Valley Forge Park. When I got married she became our protector, especially of my wife from delivery men while I was at work! She also became the nanny of our children. It wasn't just that she could be left alone with them, it was that she would care for them (the picture shows her keeping our son from rolling off the couch). She took every abuse they could hand out and never snapped or barked or even left their side. She is greatly loved and will always be missed. Have fun with Grandpa, Shiva Bear!


Reid, Jen, Cordelia, Valencia (her sleeping buddy), and Conor Bybee


Owned and loved by Ken and Lee Rankin.
Bull hunted most of his life, as did most if not all of the Rankin Dogos, in South Texas. Bull was retired at about 8 years of age, and was then the family companion, until his last days. He's fondly remembered by all who knew him.
Rest in Peace Bull.

Rankins Romeo

Loved and owned from beginning to end, by Gary Rankin.
Romeo was an accomplished hunter, with an outstanding nose. He also made his rounds in the show ring, and was shown to his Championship. But what made Romeo truly exceptional was his temperament/personality.
He was truly a "gentle giant," with humans of all ages, something he passed on to his offspring. A model Dogo in that he had the dual ability to be ferocious on wild boar, and extremely gentle in the home.
Romeo died of natural causes at a ripe old age in the arms of his master, Gary Rankin. Rest in Peace Romeo, until we meet again...


Radar joined our family 9 years ago. We enjoyed every day with him. He loved laying on the couch and going "bye bye" and begging for food. He had very sad eyes that worked very well with a sucker! He was a gentle giant.He leaves behind his sisters, Keeta, Johanna and Lola. Along with his human family, we will all miss him. He is with Mega now underneath the Magnolia tree.


Dually lived to the rip old age of 12, and for a dog that hunted for 8 of those years...that's a LONG life! Dually was hell on hogs, and a gentle quiet soul at home. He was our first Dogo, the dogo that lit the fire of our Dogo passion...
We will hunt again, my friend, and We will never forget you.
-The Christmans

Chepe de la Primera

Chepe was a member of our hunting pack for many years. He had a passion for hunting, and hunted even after losing the sight in one of his eyes to a thorn, and a portion of vision in his good eye to yet another thorn. (Hunting in South Texas can be rough on dogs) Chepe died from injuries sustained while hunting. He was a warrior in his own right. We shall miss him, as do the rest of the dogs in our hunting pack. You join many great hunters...until we meet again...Rest in peace.
-The Christmans

No Image
Sol (a.k.a Baby-girl, Boo-boo)
Dec. 21, 2006 - Apr. 19, 2008
Loved By Carlina Muglia and all of Athens, Ga

As most people know the story I rescued Sol from a less than ideal life in West Virginia. The truth of the matter is that Sol rescued me from a pattern of self-destruction and pain. Having her in my life taught me about true love and compassion. Sol was a constant reminder that life was good and beautiful. Home, for me, was wherever she was…whether we were camping, staying at a friend’s or at home on the couch. Sol was diagnosed with stomach cancer 4/19/2008 and passed away cradled in my arms and looking up into my eyes later that night. Boo-boo you were my best friend and my own personal miracle…

Dewi del Blanco Verdugo

You were a great friend --an unbelievable mother --an incredible hunter.
You were a DOGO.
You will never be forgotten and will always live forever in our hearts.
Kassi and all those whose lives were touched by you and will continue to be touched by your offspring.

Nemesis de Angel o Demonio
"Noni," "Schmoo," "MooNoni," "Schmoozer"

Your lust for life and your Dogo smile will continue to last a lifetime. You were one of the first and will always hold that place in my heart. You gave me the best of you that you could ever give me.I will be forever grateful for your presence in my life.
You always lived up to your name!

Kassi and all those whose lives you touched.

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