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History of the D.A.C.A.

The Dogo Argentino Club of America was founded 1985 by Don and Jo Ann Carty and is the Original Dogo Parent Club in the U.S. The club holds annual National & Regional Specialties  The club has worked hard to safeguard the Dogo Argentino in its true form and function. We encourage conformation (Show) breeders to work alongside hunters to prove their lines in the hunting field, and vise versa for the hunters to prove their lines in conformation. The DACA  also maintains a registry for the Dogo.

In the Mid to Late 90's the DACA decided to have a web presence to better enable the public to learn about this valiant breed and understand that this breed is not right for novice pet owners. This site is for all current and prospective members of the DACA as well as the general public. There are certain portions of the dogoUSA.org website that will be available exclusively for club members in good standing. These areas are part of the "perks of membership." The Dogo Domain is the official quarterly publication of the Dogo Argentino Club of America and is available to current club members only. 

During the Summer of 2004, the DACA  underwent a lot of changes. We elected a new President. Got a new Treasurer. The Registrar, who'd been doing all the registration of Dogo's for the DACA since 1985, retired, and her successor was selected. Several additions were made to the Board of Directors, to better round out the club. And possibly the most exciting change, was the change to the standard. During a meeting of the board, the Board Members voted to go with the Original Breed Standard which was written by Antonio Nores Martinez. With a few exceptions, which had to be considered, due to modern laws. This change in the Standard, then went to the members of the club, to vote upon, and the Standard Change, was voted in. This change to the standard, will put us more in line with the FCI standard, and is certain to help preserve the Martinez brothers vision for the breed.

In 2006, the DACA held it's first solo National Specialty, in many years. This National Specialty was a huge success, with Dogos and people coming from all over the world to participate. 

After the 2006 DACA National Specialty, the DACA held its first hunt testing & training for its members. During which several dogos who would otherwise never have been tested for prey drive, were tested with alot of positive results. As one might imagine this is an important quality for a Dogo to have, since it was meant from day one, to be a large game hunter. To date the DACA has held three hunt testing & training sessions, and we hope to continue to do so. This has been a monumental achievement for the club, and we believe it will genuinely help insure that the Dogo Argentino doesn't lose its function, like so many other former hunting breeds have.

In 2007 the former President of the DACA, Mike Christman, along with other club members, filmed a show with National Geographic Explorer which aired on August 15th, 2007 titled "National Geographic Explorer: Science of Dogs." The portion of the show featuring the Dogo emphasized the breed's function and dual nature that makes it the wonderful breed we know and love. If you did not catch this show on National Geographic channel, the DVD should be available on the National Geographic site.

Many exciting things lay in store for the DACA, as we continue to make history, we hope you will join us in our efforts.

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