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Dogo Argentino Club of America

All breeders are encouraged to evolve specific breeding plans with a particular goal in mind. Breeding must have a planned, scientific basis and not be just the result of easy availability or monetary gain. Any breeder who knowingly falsifies information on registrations or pedigree papers will be expelled from this Club.

The breeder will furnish with each pup a signed registration application, a three generation (minimum) pedigree, proof of a hearing test, and a written health record. If the pup is being sold as a companion the breeder will furnish a written Spay/Neuter Agreement. Both buyer and seller will hold a signed copy of the agreement. The breeder MUST fill in the information requested on the back of the Registration Application.

Breeding must be done scientifically and selectively……..mating only Dogos Argentinos of type, quality, temperament, and soundness in an effort to produce pups with a minimum of faults.

Deformed or crippled pups shall be destroyed. The ideals of the Dogo Argentino breed must be upheld by the elimination of defectiveness. If the defect is such that it does not hamper the life or activity of the animal, the Club will be satisfied if the animal is spayed or neutered.

Sale price of the pups will be based on quality and all breeders will uphold the value of the breed by maintaining the minimum price acceptable in their immediate area for all pups of a breedable, registerable, showable, healthy quality. DOGOS ARGENTINOS WILL NOT BE OFFERED TO KNOWN PUPPY MILLS.

Breeding agreements will be made only on animals of such quality as to warrant inclusion in an acceptable breeding program. Breeders selling breeding quality stock will encourage the buyer to join the Club, and will acquaint him with the Code of Ethics.

The breeder will furnish each buyer with information concerning shots, feeding instructions, and general health of the pup. All pups leaving the breeder will be clean, free of external and internal parasites, have their ears cleaned and nails trimmed.

Anyone with a breeding problem or complaints shall be encouraged to seek the advice and help of the Club. The novice breeder should be encouraged to seek help and or information from experienced breeders.

All breeders will assist a distressed breeder who has complied with this Code, to the best of their ability to do so.

All breeders are encouraged to participate in a program of x-raying and study to implement the eradication of the problem of hip dysplasia from the Dogo Argentino breed.



I the undersigned pledge to uphold this Code.


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